Calling ALL Fullertonians

VOTE NO on Measure S on Higher Sales Tax on Being Less Competitive on Bad Fiscal Management on stealing from our wallets

No on Measure S - Don't take another bite out of our wallet!

About the Measure.

Proceeds of the tax would be deposited into the Fullerton's General Fund

Sales tax is a regressive tax, which means that it disproportionately hurts the working poor and elderly. They cannot as easily afford the tax increase, compared to someone who is wealthy. Sales tax is volatile. When a recession comes, the sales tax revenue will go down. This sales tax measure will go directly into the city’s General Revenue Fund. The current elected council may promise to spend the tax revenue a certain way, but a future council may choose to spend it a different way. And, there is nothing anyone can do about it.  There is no "sunset clause" on this tax hike. Once it's here, it is here forever. If approved, the local tax rate portion would be a total 2.5% of the total California sale tax and Fullerton will have the second largest sales tax in Orange County making Fullerton businesses less competitive than other cities, encouraging citizens to shop in nearby cities. The are also no provisions to prevent the State of California or the County of Orange from implementing new sale taxes in the future which will further impact all citizens in Fullerton, but particularly the working poor and elderly. Say NO to the City Council’s proposal to steal an estimated $25 million from Fullertonians!

% of City Budget on Police & Fire
% of City Budget Spent on Roads
% of Income from current sales taxes
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It is a General Fund Tax

The City's Attorney says "The tax would be administered by the state. Proceeds of the tax, less administration costs, would be deposited in the city's general fund, controlled by the City Council of the City of Fullerton, and available for any lawful municipal purpose."

It is a Forever Tax

The new tax doesn't have a sunset date and will NO END except by a vote of Fullertonians

Council Isn't Playing Fair

Council has hired Terris Barnes Walters Boigon Heath, Inc. (TBWBH Strategies) for over $100,000 with the intent to "educate" Fullerton citizens about the sales tax measure; don't be fooled by this illegal form of advertising.

Vote was NOT unanimous

These FOUR council persons voted YES to increase our local sales tax to 9.00%: Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald, Mayor Protem Jan Flory (appointed to the council, Ahmad Zahra and Jesus Silva

2nd Highest tax in OC

If passed, our sales tax would be the 2nd highest in Orange County making our businesses the least competitive.

Title of Measure S is misleading

The title of the measure, CITY OF FULLERTON COMMUNITY SERVICES, STREET REPAIR, AND EMERGENCY RESPONSE MEASURE is misleading. All funds will be going to general fund account. Remember, we will elect THREE city council people in NOVEMBER and they could control the new funds which can be used for pensions or something else if desired.

A sales tax is already double taxation

Money you have has already been heavily taxed with INCOME TAX, PAYROLL TAXES, SOCIAL SECURITY TAX, MEDICARE TAX. After all that (plus employer taxes) when you seek to spend what remains you must pay nearly 10% in SALES TAXES

Bad Fiscal Management by Council

Since 2011, Fullerton sales tax revenues have increased by 51.1% and property tax revenue has increased by 52.6%. Instead of using the increased revenues on roads and infrastructure, police expenses have risen by 41.2%; fire by 55.3%. Yet, our population has increased by 2.5%.

Our future Pensions Liabilities are OUT OF CONTROL

In 2019, the average public employee pension paid was $95,216; totaling $43,323,672, which grows every year. We need to demand better strategies from elected officials or REPLACE THEM!



Average Sales Tax Revenue in Fullerton


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